Photographer Jan Tenneriello~
"I have always had a love for people and for creative design. Six years ago, upon purchasing a good camera, I discovered that through photography, these two aspects of what inspire me could be brought together. The result has been a passion for photography. After taking many classes, followed by many photo shoots, I have found that my particular strength is an eye for the artistic and the non traditional perspective in a photograph. This allows me to try and capture many different layers of the essence of the subjects I shoot."

Photographer Holly Tenneriello~
"There is no simple answer for why I love photography. What is captured in a picture is worth a thousand words. Right? For me, that explains the delight that photography makes me feel. I can look through the lens, find the perfect angle, the softness of light, a burst of laughter, or a once in a lifetime reaction, and know that the picture I am taking needs no words to explain that moment. I love that our clients allow us to be spectators in a small portion of their lives. Whether that's capturing a newborn, senior, family, or wedding, they are all private moments made public so that I can take a picture that is worth a thousand words. I count this as a blessing to be a part of your lives and will do my very best to capture your priceless moments."